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Ice-cream Tasting Contest Game Party Idea

I shared earlier some pictures from our baby girl’s pink first birthday party with large or giant paper flowers and a balloon arch here and I mentioned that we held an “ice cream tasting contest” with our guests. This was a really fun activity to do during the birthday and I thought I would share this idea for those of you getting ready to host a party! And I just want to give all the glory to God for this right now for this idea because I believe He was the one who gave it to me! 🙂

Icecream Tast Testing Tasting Game Contest Activity Birthday Party  Ice CreamDownload my free ice-cream rating sheets by clicking here.

To do this taste testing at your own party just do the following:

1. Buy 3-4 differents brands of ice cream in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. (we bought Great Value, Blue Bunny, and Polar Treats brands)

2. Before the party starts prepare several Dixie cups with labels “A, B, C, D etc.” according to how many brands of ice cream you bought and how many guests you expect to have. Also prepare a sheet of paper (or use my free printout!) and pencil for each guest so they can rate the ice creams on a scale of 1-10.

3. During the party choose which ice-cream brand will be “ice-cream A” and put 1-2 scoops of it into the Dixie cups labeled “A.” Continue with the other cups accordingly.

4. Let guests sample each ice-cream in order (without telling them what brand they are!) and then let them rate the ice-cream on their sheet one by one. This would be even more fun and interesting if you wanted to spend a little more and get some really expensive brands, a middle priced brand, and a cheap brand.

5. Once everyone is done with their ratings reveal what the brands were and compare!!

This game makes for a really fun activity during birthday parties or other parties such as bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, etc.

Have fun! ♥